Monday, March 21, 2005

The first 64

The first 64 have been set free into the world in the first month of the Toys for George project. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to work faster. If you’d like one or more packages, email me and I’ll send you as many as you’d like.

Due to popular demand, I’m taking donations to help cover postage, too, but the donation is ABSOLUTELY not necessary to get a Toys for George Package. Because PayPal takes a chunk, please start your donations at $1.00 if you’re using PayPal, otherwise they get too big of a cut. I can also use postage stamps. Email me if you’d like my snail mail address.

So far, packages have gone out into the world to:

3 to St. Pete, Florida
3 to North Platte, Nebraska
59 to Seattle, Washington

Have you found one? Have you sent one in? Please check in, so we know that George is getting his toys!